2013 – My Year in Review

2013 – My Year in Review

In around 48 hours this year will be gone amongst spectacular fireworks all over the world. I’ve never done this before but since this is the first year that I entered the decade of my 30s, I thought it would be a mature thing to review this past year. I will divide this recap into three  pieces. Just like my blog, this review will focus on my achievements as a parent, traveler and author.


  • My daughter started walking and running!
  • She’s now saying at least 15 words!
  • She is a beautiful, social toddler.
  • I’m a cool mom (my humble opinion).

Of course, I am taking credit for all this 🙂


  • USA: Miami, Seattle, Alaska
  • Europe: Lisbon, Italy and Poland

This sucks! Not too much to brag about, especially if you compare this to my best travel year – 2011 (I visited all five continents then!)


  • I published two Maya & Filippo children’s books in color.
  • I started a series with nine books to be published by mid 2015.
  • Both of my new books got five star Readers’ Favorite Distinctions.
  • I successfully funded my books on Indiegogo.

Not bad! Especially the writer part. I am appreciating what is and I am eager for more. Tomorrow, I will post my goals for 2014 🙂

Image courtesy of www.freedigitalphotos.net

What about you? Do you review the passing year?


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