2014 – New Year’s Non-resolutions

2014 – New Year’s Non-resolutions

Yesterday I summed up 2013, now it’s time to verbalize my plans and dreams for 2014. I don’t call them resolutions. Resolutions are boring and usually last only until mid January 🙂 What I am planning is a long term quality improvement of my (already pretty great) life. I’ve finally completed the first step – after several days of working on it – I finalized my vision board movie. It’s a 2 minutes slideshow of amazing pictures from my life and ones that I wish to include in it shortly, with some very powerful affirmations and music that bring me into alignment with my true self instantly. I watch it the first thing in the morning and right before bed at night and sometimes also during the day. It was time consuming to prepare but now it’s an instant mood enhancer! So, I’m starting 2014 on the right foot. Let’s move to my non-resolutions. I will divide them into three sections, just like this blog is divided:


  • I don’t really have any milestones I would like my daughter to achieve. I just want her to continue developing wonderfully like she is and be the happy little girl she is. And I will facilitate this by providing her with a loving and stimulating environment.
  • To think about it – yes, I do have some milestones planned out for her 🙂 I think one of them would be her going to kindergarden.
  • Another one would be her being able to spend the night at her grandma’s.
  • I would like to produce another one like her 🙂


  • I pretty much go wherever my wonderful husband takes me on board the cruise ship he works on. I am open to new destinations and I don’t really mind where we go as long as we keep traveling.
  • I know Hawaii is just around the corner – and I’m very much looking forward to it.
  • Certainly both Italy and Poland (Zakopane in the mountains is a lot of fun).
  • I would love to go back to Australia/New Zealand (I had a wonderful time there back in 2011). I’d love to see South Africa and go on a Safari. I would love to see China and Japan and India. Oh and Fiji has been my life long dream! And more of South America! And some great islands around the world but I do have my whole life for this!
  • I would love to go skiing – it’s one of my favorite things to do!


  • I would like to publish around 6 of new Maya & Filippo titles.
  • I’d like to win a few competitions and get a few awards.
  • I’m sure the series will get plenty of distinctions.
  • I’d love my new books to become internationally recognized bestsellers.
  • I’d love my books to be available virtually everywhere you go!
  • It would be nice to have digital versions too.
  • I would love this blog to prosper.
  • I will be publishing a guide to crowdfunding and I would love that to be a success as well.

Something not mentioned in any of these categories but probably the most important of all – spend plenty of quality time with my husband.

Happy 2014! I know it’s going to be a great year 🙂

Image courtesy of www.freedigitalphotos.net

What about you? What are your plans and dreams for 2014?

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