Maya & Filippo Are Going On Tour

Maya & Filippo Are Going On Tour

Do you like traveling? So do Maya & Filippo. And their second favorite way of travel is virtually surfing the net! (Their top favorite is cruising of course!). Starting on February 26th Maya & Filippo will be touring the blogosphere with Maya & Filippo Play Chef at Sea (Volume 2).

Below is the Tour Schedule courtesy of Orangberry Book Tours

Book Tour Schedule 

26th February – Book Feature at Peace from Pieces

27th February – Twitter View with OB Book Tours

28th February – Twitter Blast with OB Book Tours

1st March – Author Interview at Mommy Adventures

2nd March – (*1)Book Review & Guest Post 1 at The Reading Cat

3rd March – Excerpt 1 at Blog-A-Licious Authors 

4th March – Guest Post 2 & Book Feature at Quality Reads UK

5th March – Twitter Blast with OB Book Tours

6th March – Guest Post 3 at Paws on Books

7th March – (*2)Book Review & Excerpt 2 at Author’s Friend

8th March – Guest Post 4 at Everything 4 Books

9th March – Author Interview & (*3)Book Review at City of Reviews

10th March – Book Feature at Kindle Nook Books

11th March – Author Interview at Dreaming Pages

12th March – (*4)Book Review & Guest Post at Nobody Important

13th March – Book Feature at Top ‘o Mornin’ To Ya

14th March – (*5)Book Review & Author Interview at Me, You & Books

15th March – Guest Post at Gentleman Reads

16th March – (*7)Book Review at My Reading Problem

17th March – Author Interview at UnBiased Book Reviews

18th March – Guest Post & (*8)Book Review at Author’s Going Places

19th March – Guest Post at Bunny’s Review

20th March – (*9)Book Review  & Author Interview at Creating Imaginations

21st March – Book Feature at UK Book Club

22nd March – (*10)Book Review & Author Interview at Book Professor

23rd March – Book Feature at Reading Away Life

24th March – (*11) Book Review & Guest Post at Book Connoisseur

25th March – Book Feature at A Novel Design

26th March – (*12)Book Review & Author Interview at Love Books

27th March – Excerpt at Book Bumpkin

28th March – Orangeberry Sidebar

29th March – (*13)Book Review & Author Interview at Farm Girl Books

30th March – Guest Post at Page Turning Books

31st March – (*14)Book Review & Excerpt at Nose in Books

1st April – Author Interview at High Class Books

2nd April – (*15)Book Review & Guest Post at bit’s ‘n bobs

3rd April – Book Feature at Books are Magic

10th April – (*16)Book Review & Author Interview at Working for Books

17th April – Excerpt at Books & Beyond

24th April –  (*17)Book Review & Guest Post at Reading My Addiction

1st May- Author Interview at Top Shelf Books

8th May – Orangeberry Book of the Day

15th May – Tweet Me A Storm with OB Book Tours

22nd May – (*18)Book Review & Guest Post at Pages to Covers

29th May – Excerpt at Zoo of Books

5th June – (*19)Book Review & Author Interview at Book Lover’s Dream

12th June – Guest Post at Journey’s thru Books

19th June – (*20)Excerpt at Yesterday’s Book

26th June – Guest Post & Book Feature at Life Altering Reads

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