Books in March – Events around the World

Books in March – Events around the World

March if FULL of book events around the world. Let’s take a look at the calendar:


The beginning of the month is marked by Dr. Seuss Birthday, which is on March 2nd but is celebrated on March 3rd this year because that’s a Monday and the students are forced to read a book 😉 Sunday just seems to lazy of a day to do that! Just kidding! Here at Maya & Filippo we think that any day is great for reading a book!

We had a 2 for 1 promo yesterday, but don’t worry we will repeat it on Thursday, which is World Book Day, at least in the British English speaking world. You can win a VIP family trip to see the West End musical Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

At the end of the month we have a HUGE event here in Italy, and I say WE because I only live three hours from Bologna so I will definitely participate in the Bologna Children’s Book Fair. My book Maya & Filippo Make Friends in Auckland will be represented by Foreword Reviews.

Finally, March is no longer New Zealand Book Month, it has been moved to August 2014, which is actually great for Maya & Filippo! Since the first books published all take place in New Zealand, we must get in touch with the organizers and celebrate together!


For authors, especially the independent ones, March offers several contests you can submit your books to. Personally I will be skipping these, since there is one I want to participate in next month. For a full list of this year’s book contests check this post.

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