The Little Firefly Children’s Book Review

The Little Firefly Children’s Book Review

The Little Firefly by Sheri Fink got my attention on page one! The little firefly really wants to glow like all her friends. She decides to “fake it until she’ll make it,” however that isn’t even necessary because her family and friends love her just the way she is. When she finally lets go and accepts that she is loved no matter what, she startes to glow.

I love this story because it shows how sometimes you just have to get out of your own way and things will start happening for you. This is a great story not only for children but also for us adults as we often forget about this important message. I was also a late bloomer and my peers would often make fun of me. Primary school is over and that doesn’t matter any more, to me. But for those who are still in kindergarden or primary school – this is a great book to both teach to love yourself the way you are and to accept your friends the way they are.

Sheri Fink is a very gifted author of inspirational books for children. Her newest title, The Little Seahorse will be available from March 22nd and is very much anticipated!

I think that Maya & Filippo would be great friends with Sheri’s little characters if their worlds were to overlap 🙂

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