The Water Lily Fairy Children’s Book Review

The Water Lily Fairy Children’s Book Review

The Water Lily Fairy by Mary Ann Vitale is one of the fairies traveling with her fairy friends. Only that she is the curious one. Excited about discovering the world she stays behind her group to visit a little town. When she notices that the people there are poor and unhappy she gifts them with rose petals. The children wished the petals were candy. The Water Lily Fairy heard their wish and made it come true the following day. When the older villagers wished for golden coins, their dream came true as well. Having done the good deed, the Water Lily Fairy left the village in search of new adventures.

I particularly like the part of making a wish and letting the fairies of the universe take care of it. I believe in having a positive outlook and that you get what you most think about. This book is a great example of this kind of thinking. Maybe I will invite the Water Lily Fairy to have fun with my picture book characters Maya & Filippo!

Many people say: “Be careful what you wish for” – I think that by “be careful” means that you should occupy your mind with positive thoughts. I’ve noticed that the people who talk most about sickness are the sick ones and I don’t think that they talk about it because they’re sick. You can say that it might be the egg or chicken dilemma – what came first? But I don’t think it’s a dilemma at all. I believe that everything originates in your mind. If you take care of your thinking and focus on the positive – more and more positive things happen to you. And if there are 20 things happening in your life, out of which only one is positive – focus on that one, appreciate it (this is key), talk only about this one thing that is going well and you will see that quickly everything else will start working out for you too.

Everything is interconnected. We form our opinion on other people in only a few seconds and we do it mostly by looking at their face. If it’s gentle and kind, we like them. If it’s rough and scares us, we probably like them less. But your facial features are the way they are because of the thoughts you are thinking. For example if someone frowns a lot – he’ll have a distinctive line on his forehead. So feeling – gesture – facial feature. From thought to manifestation and so it is with everything else. I’m quite convinced of it 🙂

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