Book Marketing Guide

Book Marketing Guide

“I’m a new author of a children’s book. Can you help me with marketing strategies?” Why yes, I can. This post is meant to gather everything I’ve written, read and recommended on the topic of (children’s) book marketing.

Step 1: Check out all the posts here. This is the part of my blog dedicated to authors. You’ll find content on book fairs, amazon, self-publishing, digital publishing, events around the world, book marketing strategies that work for best-selling authors, critique groups (yes, creating a great product is an essential part of your marketing efforts), book contests, book trailers, getting reviews, blogging, crowdfunding.

Step 2: Check out blogs I follow. You will like: exceptional living, children’s book authors, book lovers, book marketing resources, children’s books writing resources, Facebook groups for writers and tools.

Step 3: Check out the guest posts section here. Among these are articles on whether to self-publish or not, marketing tips, writing tips and motivational stuff.

Step 4: Submit your book to book contests and take part in celebrations around the world.

Step 5: Get a mentor. Find an experienced author of your genre who is willing to guide you. Fees are usually between $99 and $249 (and beyond!). How valuable is your time though? Instead of months of trial and error pursuits you get all the information on a silver platter – customized to your needs!

There’s more that I know about. I’ve got some great insights on niche marketing, amazon, kindle, keywords, book fairs, reviews, book tours, using Facebook for marketing, oh and of course crowdfunding.

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