“Selling” 100 Books Daily

“Selling” 100 Books Daily

Last week I had a pretty neat average of “selling” over 100 books a day of my least popular title “Maya & Filippo Look for Happiness in Tauranga”. It would have been reason for celebration but there’s one BUT. It was a kindle promotion and the price was $0.00.


  • Of course your book needs to be enrolled in KDP select (this means that it’s digital equivalent cannot be available anywhere except for amazon.) Unlike the countdown option, where you can sell your book at $0.99, you don’t have to be enrolled in KDP select with an unchanged price for 30 days before you can start.
  • Promote your promotion.


  • Once you’re live you need to submit your promo pretty much everywhere you can think of (Facebook, Twitter, other).
  • Monitor. Take screenshots and check your ranking.


  • I “sold” over 100 copies daily. Nice.
  • My book became the 43rd most downloaded children’s book on Amazon. (And number 1 in my category).


  • I only promoted the free book but my paperback sales doubled as a result of this.
  • Sales of my other titles increased.
  • I got two additional amazon reviews (and we all know how difficult that is, don’t we?).
  • Exposure. You reach a new audience.
  • Self-confidence. Now you KNOW. If hundreds of people daily are interested in your book, you can make money.



  • You have to promote your promotion! Isn’t that crazy? So take AT LEAST a week before going live and let the world know about your goodie. I submitted my promotion to all the places here and half of the places here (some overlap). To some you can only submit during promo day – do it daily. To some you need to submit at least 48 hours in advance. To some even earlier.
  • Do it only if you have other books. This way you attract the customer to your other titles (even if it’s the physical titles of your digital book on promo).
  • Next step is trying out the $0.99 option.


Check out my coaching services.


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