Paper, Kindle & Coloring – “Maya & Filippo Look for Whales”

Paper, Kindle & Coloring – “Maya & Filippo Look for Whales”

I am proud to announce that our newest release, “Maya & Filippo Look for Whales” is now available in three formats: paper, kindle and coloring! It has been awarded five stars and the following review by Readers’ Favorite:

Maya and Filippo Look for Whales is another amazing story in the adventures of Maya and Filippo and once again Alinka Rutkowska delivers another incredible book for kids that is both fun to read and very educational. The vivid illustrations will keep kids focused while he/she reads the story and takes in the message at the centre of it all. The writing style is very simple and child-friendly, and the story is very interesting, as are all the previous stories in the Maya and Filippo series. It is an easy and fun way to teach your kid about important values and qualities. Alinka Rutkowska’s incredible writing skills come out in the way the book teaches very important life values and lessons, but in a way that is very easy for the kids relate to and comprehend.

Do you or your kids like to color? Excellent! We have a companion coloring book! – “Whale Watching Coloring Book”

Whale Watching Coloring Book


This one has received excellent reviews as well, here’s just one from Matthew Sherwin, a top Amazon reviewer:

This “whale watching” coloring book by Alinka Rutkowska gives toddlers and small kids alike the chance to freely express themselves as they choose which colors they want each picture in the book to have. It’s great to encourage creativity in small kids so that their minds will be stimulated and their egos will be enhanced. They deserve to feel good about themselves; and coloring books like this one which allow for creativity are just the ticket! Of course, young kids will also learn a few new words for different colors as they enjoy themselves coloring in the pictures and that’s grand.

I should also note that this coloring book has the equivalent of just the outlines, the blank drawings by Konrad Checinski who illustrated Alinka Rutkowska’s recent children’s book release entitled Maya & Filippo Look for Whales.

I highly recommend this coloring book for just about any child who likes to color using crayons, coloring pencils and the like. Toddlers and small kids will be delighted by this book!

And here’s the cherry on the cake: we already hit the best-selling lists with this release 🙂

Best-selling children's book






I hope that was convincing enough 🙂 Pick your format of choice and read away! 🙂 Here they are again: paper, kindle and coloring!

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