Printed in the USA

Printed in the USA

How can non-US authors live the American dream and get their books printed in the USA? All it takes is a little paperwork. In this advanced age of the internet, borders are only mental, at least as far as publishing is concerned. Anyone can have their books printed in the USA and all that is required is a little paperwork.

The major question you have to answer is whether you want to go the traditional route or the independent route?

THE TRADITIONAL WAY is pretty much the old way books were published. Here’s the process:

  • you write your masterpiece, rewrite it, get it critiqued by your group of peers (I found mine via 12×12) and rewrite it again.
  • you send it to agents hoping that someone will accept it.
  • you pile up rejections.
  • you either quit or you try another manuscript or you get accepted after several months or years of trying.
  • if you get accepted – it takes around a year to get your book published – and if it doesn’t sell you don’t get a second chance.

THE NEW WAY is much completely different but it starts the same:

  • you write your masterpiece, rewrite it, get it critiqued by your group of peers (I found mine via 12×12) and rewrite it again.
  • you get it professionally edited.
  • you publish it via createspace (paperback) and kdp (kindle).
  • you focus on marketing and publishing more titles.

As you can see, the new way is much faster and much leaner. But it’s not for any author. It’s definitely not for those authors who have self-esteem issues and need an agent or publishing house to acknowledge their value as a writer. It’s also not for authors who like to take responsibility.

But if if you like being in control, you’re not only an author but an author-entrepreneur. Then the new way is THE way to go and countless articles have been written on best-selling authors who no longer choose the traditional way.

If you publish independently, you are in charge of the whole marketing campaign, but then you only market your own books (the publishing houses have plenty of books to market and yours might not be their priority). You decide the 4ps: product (traditional publishers might completely rearrange your ms), price (very important and you can play with it to boost sales), place (where you will be present) and promotion (very important!)

The only downside to the independent way is that you need a budget. While the traditional publisher gives you an advance, the independent author needs to invest in their business.

You know yourself – are you the patient type who can deal with countless rejections and will be content with an advance and low royalties or are you the risk-taking entrepreneur who wants to be in charge of their writing career?

Regardless of your answer, you will achieve your goals faster if you have a mentor. If you are a beginning author-entrepreneur and need coaching, click here.

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