Children’s Best-seller for Under $1

Children’s Best-seller for Under $1

Maya and Filippo Make Friends in AucklandMaya & Filippo Make Friends in Auckland is only 0.99$ for the next 5 days! Grab this offer and start exploring Maya & Filippo’s world. This is the first book of Maya & Filippo’s series and it makes me nostalgic to think about it.

Why Auckland? 

Over three years ago I quit my corporate job and decided to take a gap year and travel around the world. My first stop was Auckland. I flew to the other side of the planet to take the first cruise in my life. This is me just before boarding the Diamond Princess.


I didn’t know anybody. I was all alone. I quickly realized that when I thought miserable thoughts, I attracted miserable situations. I worked hard on thinking positive and great things started to happen. The best of which – I met my husband on that cruise! I made friends in Auckland and wrote this book to inspire you and your children to stay positive and observe how great things will happen to you, too!

Get Maya & Filippo Make Friends in Auckland and see how easily you can start attracting wonderful things to your life!

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