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Alinka Rutkowska is a #1 Best-selling Children’s Book Author.


Alinka Rutkowska is a “Reader’s Favorite” Five Star Picture Book Author. She writes the “Maya & Filippo” Book Series for Children – travel books for kids with a positive attitude. She takes inspiration from her own travels while cruising with her husband and daughter around the world. She is positive, appreciative and happy 95% of the time and during the miserable 5% she thinks to herself quickly: “things always work out for me” and they do.

Alinka’s doesn’t really have a “to do” list but she does have a “fun things to do” list. It usually consists of writing, reading, reading her writing, writing in her diary, blogging, reading other blogs, commenting, breathing deeply, meditating, feeling the warmth of the sun on her skin, closing her eyes, breathing some more and thinking what a wonderful world she lives in.

Sometimes she takes a few minutes to pause and instead of doing something from her “fun things to do” list she just daydreams a little. She thinks of all the great things that she wants for her to happen and imagines how wonderful it will feel to be interviewed about them in the future. She’s already preparing the answers to those interview questions in her mind. She especially loves the part, in which she says that she achieved all these things because she spent a considerable amount of time visualizing them first.

Children's bestsellers

Alinka loves to ski while listening to music at the same time, she enjoys an occasional glass (or bottle) of Barolo with dark chocolate, she loves cuddling with her husband and daughter. Alinka really likes tea, especially that last sip which is usually the tastiest.


5-star-largeAlinka is a “Readers’ Favorite” Five Star Picture Book Author.


Why “Maya & Filippo?”

“I love traveling, books and kids. I always have. So writing travel books for kids, for me, is a thrilling venture. The two fictional characters I gave life to on paper, visit the places I have visited and learn things I have learned.

I met my husband on the Diamond Princess cruising the Pacific Ocean. That’s why Maya and Filippo’s first five adventures are based in the ports of New Zealand and on the Pacific waters.

After we got married, our daughter was born, putting the fictional characters in a whole new perspective. Maya and Filippo now had a particular interest in exploring the sights designed especially to cater to their needs. As soon as our little one was old enough, we took her on a series of Alaskan cruises out of Seattle. That’s why the following four Maya and Filippo adventures are located around the Inside Passage.

I have been to and photographed all the places the two fictional travelers visit. Together with the illustrator, we take great care to draw the sights just the way they appear in reality.

The philosophy behind the series is another noteworthy element. There are many children’s books I would read to my kids. They are amusing and educative. They teach good manners and make you laugh. But when I was looking for books that would illustrate the power of a positive outlook, all I found was a void to fill in. And I am now spending my free hours creating the adventures of Filippo and Maya.”


Maya & Filippo

Maya & Filippo

Alinka is a business professional turned traveler, writer, blogger, wife and mom. A few years ago (okay – 10) when she was studying at the Warsaw School of Economics she would just say that she was a business student, then when she went to Italy to do a Master’s degree in Bocconi University she would just say she was an exchange student. Then she was a Marketing Assistant in Shell, then a Fast Track Management Program Trainee in Whirlpool, then a Business Planning Manager and Six Sigma Black Belt, then she wrote her first book and decided she was a writer.

She quit her job and went on a lonely trip around the world and decided she was a traveler at heart with her travel blog and all. In the meantime she met her now husband, spent the summer at his mamma’s place in Italy and together with her now mother-in-law she wrote a cookbook. At the same time she decided she would write children’s books based on her travels to be able to convey her positive outlook on life to the little ones. Hence the birth of the Maya & Filippo book series.

Next she got married and officially became a wife, then she got pregnant and gave birth to her delightful daughter, Mia. This experience inspired her to publish “Bumptabulous,” a humorous title on parenting.

Alinka is now passionate about motherhood, blogging and writing. She gets very excited whenever one of her titles hits the Amazon Bestsellers list.


Alinka is serious about writing children’s literature and she is a proud member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators


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Alinka Rutkowska is a New York Times #1 Best-selling Author. Her children’s book series Maya & Filippo has won several prestigious awards including The Golden Kite Awards, Mom’s Choice, Readers’ Favorite Gold Medal and many others. The series has been featured on several major news stations, talk shows and national newspapers. It is available on board cruise ship boutiques, in book stores at hundreds of airports and it’s carried by every reputable retailer. Alinka’s books have been translated into over 20 languages. The series is now being made into a movie.

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