book marketingWould you like an experienced best-selling  and award-winning author to take you by the hand and show you what to do get your book on a best-selling list? Look no further.

I publish both fiction and non-fiction, for adults and children, paperback and digital. I’ve had my books on best-selling lists for years. At the beginning I used to post “buy my book” messages on every Facebook page and forum I could find but that’s for amateurs. Let me show you how marketing pros do it.

Buy your first hour of Skype coaching now.

Price: $199.

I will examine your book and your author platform and tell you all about:

  • niche marketing (how to be a big fish in a small pond),
  • amazon (includes getting on best-selling lists),
  • kindle (includes promotional campaigns),
  • keywords (what works),
  • book fairs (where to submit, your best strategy),
  • book awards (where to submit for the biggest chance of winning),
  • reviews (how to get loyal reviewers without paying a dime),
  • book tours (what to do and what not to do),
  • using Facebook for marketing (what works),
  • goodreads (how to use it to sell books),
  • bulk sales (how to sell thousands of copies of your book by just talking to one person),
  • crowdfunding (how to finance all your marketing efforts),
  • honing your craft (what to do to make your writing even better),
  • and anything else that will help YOU get on that best-sellers list!


  1. Make non-refundable payment via PayPal.
  2. You will be contacted within 24 hours with a request for a convenient date.
  3. Your jam-packed session will take place.

Please note: I reserve the right to reject any author without notice.

I treat traditionally and self-published authors equally.

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